Monday, April 26, 2010

The P.I. 100 Tours 4: Hijos dela Revolucion, Lipa City, Batangas

* the group’s speaker for the visitors, that’s me with the Inquirer shirt [1]

* their ‘Septalogo ng Pagpupulong’ and ‘Tantuin’ [1]

* just one of the things one could read inside the headequarters [1]

The place we went to in Brgy. Bulaklakan, Lipa City was the headquarters of the Legion de Veteranos y Hijos dela Revolucion, Inc. Much of what has been discussed by their speaker were on a note taken by my classmate, but these are but just names and dates that I cannot no longer piece together.

What I do remember was the museum they have inside their headquarters where, they say, some of things associated with the revolution and Katipunan are kept. There was the salakot that was allegedly used by Andres Bonifacio and the first flag of the Katipunan. Perhaps at that time I was not really prepared to have those things I called at that time ‘crap’. I could not help but voice out my doubts on their claims. But nevertheless one cannot just nag at their place. That is their place. Righteous respects and so I just listened. And by the way, one has to take off his or her shoes or slippers as they are not allowed inside their ‘museum’. (But the carpet was not that clean either.)

* a katipuan flag [1]

* the flag, I think, of the the Legion [3]

* that’s me, looking at some of the group’s photos [3]

* this is one of the persons they revere [3]

Aside from that, they are honoring some people who they revere. But I don’t quite recall their roles in their group or even in the revolution or in the Katipunan. Perhaps a revisit would be helpful personally.

In the end, this group gives the Filipinos another dimension to which to look onto about the revolution. True or not, it gives one an idea of how well the revolution is ingrained in the minds of some of our fellow Filipinos.

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