Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Upcoming Renovation of the San Pablo Cathedral Grounds and Patio

 * carved out canopy

It seems that the San Pablo Cathedral (Saint Paul the First Hermit) in San Pablo City, Laguna is up for some renovations. A chance walk allowed me to see the remnants what was then an imposing canopy attached to the facade of the cathedral. On a nearby area is a notice stating the planned development of the grounds and the patio. This project is a joint work of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines or NHCP, Samahan ng Mahal na Pasyon, and the Diocesan Commission on Construction.

I could not help but think whether this work is administration-led. Recently, a new bishop was installed for the Diocese of San Pablo (see my blog post about it here) and he may seem to be the more historically-inclined leader. The removal of the canopy was a brave move knowing that it could have cost some money. But such removal highlights the fact the those behind this are more inclined now to pay respect to the cathedral’s and the the parish’s rich history. 

* the beautiful columns of Lice de San Pablo are now revealed  

* view of the church grounds which is set to be renovated

What remains to be seen is whether they will do the same thing with the modern-looking altar. Recently the front area of the cathedral was given a modernish refurnish (see my blog post about it here and here). Will they be making some moves towards restoring the original form and structure of the altar?

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