Saturday, May 11, 2013

Revisiting the Town of Kalayaan, Laguna

 * on the road to Kalayaan 

 * the church in Kalayaan
 * Pransis taking a breather

Part of our weekend trips was a revisit to Kalayaan, Laguna. We visited this lakeshore town a few years back and it was good to do so again because our camera during that first visit was not very good. To have this chance to capture the details of their church was a welcome. One curious thing that I have observed in these two visits was that the church never seems to fit in the camera screen.
* welcome arch 
* the church grounds  

* view of the mountainous part of the town 

My notes about the town are rather sketchy. I am particularly interested with the historical background of that church. There seem to be ruins of sort on the church grounds, not to mention a small, nameless grave.
* behold, a sumpak!

What’s good about these provincial towns is that they are able to keep intact some of the traditions we already have. A chance encounter with a child with a sumpak or a makeshift gun/firearm made me realize that there many things that the present generation especially the simplest of things we may now find too trivial.

Read about our first visit to Kalayaan at: "A Short Visit to Longos, Kalayaan, Laguna"

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