Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tabako from Northern Luzon

Just recently I asked an acquaintance who made a tour of some parts of Ilocos Sur to bring back tabako as pasalubong. Although I was expecting this product in larger quantity, five pieces of five-inch tabako are good enough.

As the dried leaves turned into smoke, I am starting to anticipate a travel to Northern Luzon. It has been a while since my grandmother visited her relatives there in the north. I hope plans regarding a return trip (hopefully with a larger party) would be underway next year. Not just to obtain precious Northern Luzon products (walis tambo from Baguio, tabako and tuba from Ilocos, etc.) but also to learn more about the roots of this side of my family, their unique traditions (if any) and to pick up local historical tidbits as we go and visit places. This borders on daydreaming and so I will stop here. Ilocos: you’re my next tour target!