Monday, September 5, 2011

Isang Sulyap sa Sulyap Gallery Café and Restaurant (Part 2): Sulyap’s Food Offering

* the menu book

* the refresher: a glass of water

* the appetizer: cheese sticks

* a personal new find: kare-kareng sugpo!

* after-meal drink, a coffee

Sulyap Gallery Café has a variety of food delicacies to offer. However, a word of caution, especially to the visitors who are on a limited budget: stick to the relatively cheaper ones which will give you taste bud satisfaction but will not hurt your pockets.

For our dinner we ordered kare-kareng sugpo and another dish (the name of which I forgot). For the drinks, I opted for coffee but I forgot the name again. It was good to share the food (as well as the payment) with friends.

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