Friday, September 2, 2011

Isang Sulyap sa Sulyap Gallery Café and Restaurant (Part 1)

After an amicable meeting with the resident members of the organization which I joined during my college years, some of the alumni in attendance decided to go another place, have a light dinner and discuss random things (random things meant mostly about the org).

* org members, all first-time visitors to Sulyap Gallery Café and Restaurant

Tagging along the (unprepared) current president, we trooped to Sulyap Gallery Café and Restaurant to have a peek – a sulyap – to the place, famous for its intimate atmosphere and good food. After all, we are San Pableños and we ought to know places in the city which still have a sense of the past and history.

* view of the ceiling of the ground floor/floor of the upper story of the Café

* Spanish windows?

* close up of a window design

Sulyap as we saw it consisted of several ancestral houses most likely transported from another town (I have read somewhere the place where they obtained those houses but I forgot it). The place also has a museum but it was already closed for viewing when we arrived.

* an old clock hanging on the wall of the Café

* bamboos planted on…guess where...within the restroom
* the bamboos as seen from a mirror

The houses, most likely dating back to the Spanish times, are small compared to other houses such as those found in Candelaria, Quezon. But the size fits the idea of making the place cozy and intimate. The interior of the house/restaurant reminded me of Mexico or Peru. The fixtures inside are also noteworthy but more of that on a later blog post.

Visit their site at

* the company of wine glasses

* the flower on the table
* table arrangements inside the Café

[How to go to Sulyap Gallery Café and Restaurant: From Manila, one must board a bus bound for Lucena, Quezon. Drop off at “Medical” (meaning in front of the San Pablo Medical Center). This will be a several meters past SM San Pablo. From Medical, you will find jeepneys bound for the city proper (Bayan). Board one (fare would be 8 pesos) and then drop off at Sambat (near Puregold San Pablo). From Sambat, you can hail a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to Sulyap or to the old BIR office. For a comprehensive road map to the place, click here.]

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