Monday, September 5, 2011

Isang Sulyap sa Sulyap Gallery Café and Restaurant (Part 3): Sulyap’s Decors

  * a priest[?] / a friar [?] in prayer
 * some of the religious items found inside Sulyap Cafe

  * Christ crucified

* a woman in prayer

More than the good food we ate, I thoroughly enjoyed the decors which surrounded us as we ate. Religious artifacts, objects from five or more decades ago, such things can be found on drawer tops and walls of the Café.

* St. Francis of Assisi, without his arms

* looks like an angel to me

* a boy piper?

* some of the hanged religious images

They may not have the collective historical value (for they were obviously obtained from different places in the country, perhaps abroad) but they are certainly worth collecting. The religious items are astounding. There was a portion where I can imagine myself in a prayer room inside an old house during the Spanish times in the Philippines.

 * lamps, reminds me of Isagani of El Filibusterismo

* an old telephone!

* dreg of a wine and a glass

* tinted bottles

There may be pros and cons regarding the collection of such antique objects, but I for one would really like to build a collection of my own such as that one found in Sulyap Café. Whether I will be able to do that in the near future, I cannot say for now. But we’ll see, we’ll manage.

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