Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tranca of Rosario, Batangas

* Tranca preparing to slumber

I have mentioned Tranca in the early days of Back Trails. It was said that this particular place was guarded by a group called ‘Pitong Gatang’ and one would not be able to pass through without facing this group. Either one gives what they would require or do what they would want the unfortunate victim to do (perhaps do a dance, or something like that).

Regarding this Pitong Gatang, I still have not searched it on the internet, or even dig in if the name has something to do with measuring rice. I am personally looking forward in learning more about it verbally, from people who have kept this tale alive and passed on from tongue to tongue. It is, I believe, a tale of oral tradition and origins, and I am glad to have experienced it. I hope to find more tales and other things passed on via oral tradition, not just in Batangas, but to other places in the Philippines as well.

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