Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back Trails Shall Continue…

* an intimate shot – for one, this shows a view of one of the rooms inside the materials physics laboratory in UPLB with some radioactive materials tucked rather openly on the lower right; two, myself of course (laughs); and three, that dear old, yet resilient 7610 cellphone of my mother, handed down to my sister and which is now in the hands of some mindless bastard who snatched it from her

Indeed it shall continue, despite the present setback. And as I think of it now, whatever setback may come in the future.

My sister’s cellphone was recently snatched, no thanks to our congested city streets, and lax security provided by our local law enforcers. The setback I am alluding to relates directly to Back Trails as it is (or should I say, was) the one I used to take pictures of my tours and adventures. I am well aware of its not-so-good quality, but nevertheless it still managed to take pictures of whatever things I want to keep a remembrance of.

Now that it is gone, it presents a rather difficult future. As I am in the midst of a self-imposed work (and which I hope should succeed in order to, at least, silence the critics within my ‘family’ circle), that cellphone should have come handy and useful. I have no plans of acquiring those ‘classy’ and costly cameras that are now flaunted here and there. Perhaps, to document my little finds in my little travels, a simple camera would suffice. It follows now that I have to create the means so that I shall arrive to that moment.

Anyway, life goes on. That cellphone was promptly replaced anyway which served my sister. And Back Trails shall continue!

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