Saturday, May 1, 2010

The P.I. 100 Tours 6: Residencia Acosta Pastor

* the house! [1]

* one of the many religious items found inside the casa [1]

* a recently built fountain outside their compound [3]

* a radio? [3]

* a Pastor pianist

I don’t remember quite much about this particular visit other than the fact they are a family that traces its roots from their gobernadocillo ancestors. These people are downright rich, as they are able, not just to maintain their ancestral house, but also to build around the area their huge houses. Man, they have lots of cars! As to the person who talked to us, he has been under the same mentor that Pavarotti had. Indeed, this man is a superb piano player. Their house is full of items and photographs that show their heritage as well as sneak peaks into what the culture and tradition was during the Spanish and American eras. And yes, they treated us with some merienda. I recall sneaking into their kitchen which was a fusion of the old one and the ultra-modern one.

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