Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Houses of San Juan, Batangas 3

The last cut into houses of San Juan, Batangas.

* certainly a big one, as I was not able to include a portion of the house in this shot

* an imposing one, found as one approach the market place

* one owned by a lawyer as can be seen, found near the market

* a house with the lower floor turned into a store

* cute, little one

* Cafeño, the only café I saw in the town

* another house with its lower floor turned into a business, this one into an eatery of some sort; I remember noting that the man seen walking on the left was drunk

* a house turned into a clinic, although at closer inspection the house seemed a little neglected for me; this is where I waited for the public transport to take me back home

Side-thoughts: Someone asked if I have really went to the places I have posted here in my blog. As far as I know, all of the entries I have put in here so far were the places I have really gone into. Although in some cases, the photos shown were secondary, meaning some may have been requested from some other people for the copies of the photos to be in my possession, I am quite confident to say that I have no desire of putting Back Trails entries in which I have not really manifested myself. My captions are a little boring to read by I hope to improve on them as time goes on.

* Trailer Pransis outside the municipal hall of San Juan

Just before I forget. San Juan is also known for its beaches sought by tourists the whole year round. Laiya is what they commonly call it/them.

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