Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bahay Asinas, San Pablo City, Laguna

Tucked in a place with lush greeneries, fresh air, and relatively quiet neighborhood, Bahay Asinas is one house to behold. It would be quite surprising indeed for the first timer to see an ‘antique’ house in a small village in San Pablo, knowing that the city was consumed by fire in the early 20th century.

* a view of the house from the outside

* detail of the stairs, appropriately made concrete

* drawer with Kuya Mike’s relatives’ (I suppose) photos

* view of the dining area

But of course, the house is not native there, for owner Michael ‘Mike’ Asinas, obviously an antique enthusiast himself (I think ‘antiquarian’ is the word), has acquired the house from Lumban, Laguna.

* a religious item inside

* the display cabinet inside the house containing many different glasswares;
see antique bottles at the top

* close-up of a religious altar of some sort

He has set the interior as if to mimic a setting of one’s house in the past. His wedding photographs are enlarged and set to either black and white or sepia, with his ancestors’ photos displayed in some of the corners, and his furniture all set to add to the serene atmosphere of the place.
* some displays inside the house

* chandelier and some panes

* an old iron

Although it is a treat to visit the place and have a look on objects inside and around it, not all of them are for our eyes only, for Kuya Mike actually sells some of them. With regards to the pricing, conditions, among other, on should contact him instead.

* a balakatak, one used to scare things away; animals at the rice fields perhaps

* replica of a chair usually used by the cabeza de barangay

* the gang – some members of my university organization after an afternoon of get-together and big eat

Visitors are open, but by appointment only. Bahay Asinas can be found at Brgy. San Lucas 2, San Pablo City. From the city plaza, one can just hail a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to San Lucas 2 Putol. You can contact Kuya Mike at 0917-8819466 or 0923-808182. Or for the objects up for sale, you check out

[Acknowledgements: to Mr. Marlon Jaurigue and Ms. Lyka Magno from whom I obtained copies of the photos posted in here.]


  1. Well done...and well documented...congratulations!

  2. Thanks for the post.I love touring to places where I can have a true glimpse of the past. I'm from SPC and I did'nt knew that we have a treasure and pride in the city. This unique - antique Bahay Asinas is truly one great place to go. Thanks to the owner, Mr. Asinas, his nanay and Ma'am Baylon (sister) for allowing us to have a tour and have our photos taken. Bahay Asinas; where history, arts and culture remain...

  3. It is really good to have a place like Bahay Asinas in San Pablo. Our city needs this 're-connection' to our past. Through such houses and artifacts from the past, we get to know more of our past. I was fortunate enough to meet Sir Mike, too. I hope that fellow San Pableños would learn about this house and visit it. Thank you Bhojo for reading through this entry. :)

  4. Looks like a really nice place to live! I was so excited to see that you had a "tour" up. It looks like you are all very happy there.

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