Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Houses of San Juan, Batangas 1

One of the towns of my dream. Again I say that this town is a treasure in itself with all these houses. I have split this entry into three parts as I really want to give enough space for each and every house I was able to take pictures of. They deserve to be seen and appreciated by the Filipinos and the world at large.

* found along the main street towards the church of San Juan

* another house found as one approach the church of San Juan

* this one is really big, but we were not able to take a shot of the entire house as there were people outside; the last thing I want to be told is ‘What do you think you are doing?’

* a simple yet beautiful one

* this one is really majestic with its symmetry and its strategic place – at the end of the street

* a fairly new one I suppose since I seem to have seen this form of house in Laguna

* a mansion?

* my apologies for this almost out-of-line shot, I remember struggling while this one was being taken with all the people around

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