Thursday, February 25, 2010

Down on the South: Ponce Suite

* behold the Ponce Suite! [1]

If there would be something you might want to experience in
Davao, one of the things I’d definitely suggest is to stay at Ponce Suite.

* the stair leading to the upper floors [1]

* the second floor still littered with creative artworks [1]

* a closer look at an artwork [1]

Situated nowhere near the main thoroughfares of Davao but certainly a place sought after by tourists, weird or not. To a certain extent, I was quite surprised to learn at that time that Ma’am Blessie Basilia (of DOST and MAPUA) has checked in to that suite. But let’s drop racking our brains for her reasons. The place itself is a gem, as if the semi-seclusion of the place from the mainstream activities of Davao encouraged the making of that huge number of artworks that decorated the place.

* UPLB delegation outside the Ponce Suite [3]

Now of course I can no longer remember well each of those works that almost covered Ponce Suite. Suffice it to say with confidence that the owner (and perhaps the artist/s himself/themselves) has no reservations whatsoever for his/her/their creative outbursts, charging with all bravery and giving physical forms to those wild ideas of theirs. Some might find it creepy, but peculiarity does not necessarily equate to morbidity.

(Jack’s Ridge story coming up!)

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