Saturday, February 20, 2010

Down on the South: Davao City

* downtown Davao City in the morning [3]

My recollection of our trip to Davao City is not to show that I no longer have any more trips to relay here in Back Trails. The reason for doing this is that the trip is characterized by pure excitement that I did not really expect at all. I remember having to take (in haste) my general chemistry final examination to catch my flight and having to pull myself up after falling away from a loved one. My mother has been hazy about her consent about the trip, thus having learned (probably from my sister) that I have flown alone (yes, alone) by airplane to Mindanao, I got one good scolding from her through the cellphone, and ending in a light note by reminding me to bring pasalubong for them.

The reason for the trip was to attend a physics conference, the details of which I decided to omit here. Instead, I would chop our trip into several entries, focusing on those places we have visited. I’m afraid that I can’t input any substantial historical tidbits here, for I did not really made any significant historical notes there. Allow me to confine myself to descriptions of the places and experiences. Welcome to the south, the great place that is Davao!

As I have not brought any camera at that time, I will use the photos the UPLB delegation has collected in the almost-week long stay in Davao.

[1] Photos from the camera brought by Professor Emmanuel Florido
[2] Photos from the camera brought by Professor Marvin Herrera
[3] Photos from the camera brought by then fellow student Mark Daryl Ramos


  1. @ Pransis - Another great series! Travel gives you the best opportunity to learn more about our cultural and historical heritage.

  2. Wagi Kuya! Too bad I can only make a note on a place we went to that has a place on Davao's local history,or myth,if I can say it that.