Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Down on the South: Downtown Davao 2

* students getaway – off to a local mall with Ma’am Hariz and Darril [3]

* at an eat-all-you-can restaurant, notice the seaweeds dish, man they are treasures! [3]

Being student participants in the conference, we were conferred with a seemingly default freedom. Unlike teachers who could possibly earn the ire of their colleagues if they do not focus on the activity at hand, we were essentially free to roam the venue in general, on-conference and off-conference.

I did not venture too far from where we were staying, primarily because of the fear that I might get robbed or I might get lost. Thus I stuck with my fellow students at that time. One of our escaped was to a local mall (Gaisano is the name, I think) and with so many Davao stuff to look at and ask the prices for, the trip is essentially worthwhile. I also remember lounging in the National Bookstore branch there and digging into books. Probably not a good way of spending a visit to Davao but certainly good enough for us. Later we ate at the food court, having initial difficulties communicating with the crew but Ma’am Hariz saved us the trouble (Ma’am was from the Visayas).

* a local bazaar where you can buy all kinds of souvenir stuff [3]

* down and out, after the shopping [3]

* photo shoot at the room! [3]

The next big escapade was to an eat-all-you can restaurant where almost all the seafood I could think of was there. And one of the things I’ve learned to enjoy immensely there was seaweeds (the other one is durian shake). Slimy, yes, but tastes like heaven when ate with the soo good vinegar dip.

And if I remember it right, later that night we went to a Mandarin-something hotel and went down again to a seemingly endless eat. It was he first time I dug in to a full arsenal of Japanese food.

Later I shall relay the short history note I have alluded to in my previous entry.

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