Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trek to Liliw, Laguna

* Gat Tayaw Street in Liliw, Laguna; this is where most of the shoe/sandal/slipper stores
are located; portion of Mount Banahaw is seen in the background
* one of the big houses still found in Gat Tayaw Street
* the Liliw town hall
The town of Liliw in Laguna will always be associated with the slippers and sandals industry. The said industry have made the place a very popular destination for shoppers and tourists alike.

Nestled close to the mythical mountain of Banahaw, it provides an exciting tour as one has to go through mountainous areas and snaking roads just to get there. One time I thought of bringing an intimate to the place a day before Christmas upon knowing that the person has never been to the place. Although I have already been to Liliw many times, I am always imbued with anticipation about the things that I might encounter there. For some reasons I find rummaging through shoes and sandals a fun thing to do.

To my surprise we found the place with many people despite the coming holiday. The main street that houses the shoes’, sandals’, and slippers’ stores, Gat Tayaw Street, now has several makeshift food stall where visitors can but food to fill their stomachs. Eye-catching as well was the town hall which was apparently refurbished recently.

As I later remarked to my companion, I find it surprising that the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards reached the place. I could merit those Spanish religious and conquistadores for having that seemingly infinite resilience to propagate the Spanish rule and Christianity albeit with accompanying abuses.

* the façade of the Liliw Church
* a dark view of the church's interior

* a chapel within the church area

What triggered my surprise was the inscription I found inside the church of Liliw. It says that only part of the floor remains of the original church-convent which was a ‘casualty of the Philippine Revolution…’ of 1898 if I am not mistaken. The Church of Lilio, as it was then called, was under the administration of the (Church or Parish?) of Nagcarlang (Nagcarlan, Laguna) until 1605. The church and convent were damaged by 1880 and partly burned by April 6, 1898. This is probably the event that damaged the church. In any case, the façade looks old enough and carries on the style probably fit during those times. (I am yet to review my lessons in Humanities 2 to give better descriptions of church designs.)

Note: The pictures above were taken way back in 2007, and some details, especially of the church (their retablo), are different today.

[How to go to Liliw, Laguna: From Manila, one can board a bus bound to Lucena City, Quezon. Drop off at San Pablo City, Laguna specifically at the place they call 'Medical' (after the San Pablo Medical Center). Then board a jeepney bound for the town proper. Then walk towards the San Pablo Cathedral. On the cathedral's left (if you are facing it), you will find the city's fire station. Beside the place is the makeshift terminal of the jeepneys bound for Liliw.]


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