Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back Trails Opening Up

* view of the sky in Lodlod, Lipa City, Batangas

Yet Another Blog

Yes, this is another attempt to put up a blog, an addition to the handful that I already have and maintain. But this arose from the inspiration I had from a friend from the internet. Kuya Arnaldo (we have agreed that I will call him Kuya from now on) maintains a journal of sort of his travels in and out of the country, but makes it a point to write them in the context of Philippine history. It may seem boring at first, just traveling to places and digging only about their past. But as I followed his blog, I realized that it is interesting. It shows that learning (about history in this case) is not confined inside the walls of our classrooms. And Kuya certainly learns things first-hand which is a treat. It gives you the ‘real-ness’ (if I may call it that) of our past, of our heritage. Knowing our past puts our present in a more coherent place in our consciousness and helps us to chart our future. Indeed my decision to launch this blog is largely due to the influence that Kuya Arnaldo has given me. History is an interesting field and it has many facets from which we could learn a lot. 

Why a Separate Blog?

Why put up a separate blog when I already have four others to maintain? Is it not a burden already? Yes, I would admit that it is kind of a turn-off with all these blogs. I can liken it to multiple accounts in Friendster with nothing really unique in each other. But I feel the need to characterize the nature of this new blog: a travel/history blog so that people could turn to this place and discern easily that it caters to travel and history. But I do not guarantee that it would always be the case. We cannot possibly separate our history, our past to our present (which in my case, falls in the dominion of my other blogs). Also, I realized the need to have an open communication to people of different backgrounds and I envision this blog as another platform in which healthy exchange of information about history (Philippine history in particular) can be made.

 So, here it is! Back Trails opening up now!

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