Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pier Thoughts

* Batangas City and Calapan City pier views

I already posted my thoughts on the recent tragedy on the waters between Batangas and Calapan City in my other blog (pransisem.blogspot.com). I only wish to describe some personal recollections and hopes here for the Batangas City pier.

Firstly, the terminal fee has increased through years and even if these fees do not translate directly to the safety of the ships, at least they would now (after the tragedy and before another ship is lost) make more stringent measures to show that it matters not how beautiful a pier terminal is (as can be said for this pier with a newly refurbished terminal) but rather the safety of the vessels and of the people who board them.

I would testify that the shipping lines staff are active in making the passengers sign the passenger manifesto (this is easily observed in SuperCat ticket office) but they should cut off NOW the habit of passing a ticket issued to a passenger to another passenger. I could still remember obtaining a ticket with a name and information of another person. I shall never know if that person signed the manifesto earlier, but I made it a point to sign my name on the manifesto. At least I was able to put my name on it in the event that it would have turned out as my last trip on earth. People could then be able to trace me and attest that I really took that last trip.

It all goes beyond the manifesto and the safety measures for the passengers. Those ships should be regularly, and I mean genuinely regularly, checked for their sea worthiness. We have the concerned agencies for these and we would not want to hear another sea disaster. You do not want to be blamed for negligence Sirs, do you?

Although I think I would not be boarding any sea vessel in the immediate future, I just hope that everything – from the ticket purchasing to the actual boarding – would be different the next time I set my feet on this pier.


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