Sunday, December 27, 2009

La la la Alaminos, Laguna

It was Christmas day when I went to the town of Alaminos in Laguna and its main street Jose P. Rizal Street in the town proper was teeming with people. It later occurred to me that it was a holiday but most people chose this day to have their children baptized in church. If I remember it right I was also baptized on a Christmas day.
And off I went to mingle with Alaminos Christmas churchgoers but not before having sneak peeks to the objects along Rizal Street.
 *some of the big houses in the town proper of Alaminos, Laguna

One will immediately notice the big houses on this street. I would categorize them as mansions as they are of similar built and size to the ones we call mansions in San Pablo. There was one such mansion, on the corner of Rizal Street and the national highway, bearing these names outside: Adelaida Fule and Erlinda Fule, both Bachelor of Music. I do not have any idea of who they were but judging from this huge house the family from which they belonged were most likely rich and perhaps influential.
I encountered next was the Rizal monument with a foreign-looking lady behind him. I was not able to look more closely to that figure since the sun was already high up in the sky. Below is a marker:
Constructed: Municipal President Don Jose F. Fule, 1920-1923.
I venture to say that these Fule’s are probably related to one another and have been prominent figures there. I could probably dig in to this in the future since Alaminos is not that far.
The Church (Our Lady of Pillar) has Nuestra Señora del Pilar as its patron saint. The arc just outside says F.1815. Old indeed. But looking inside the church (which I first visited during the christening of a cousin’s daughter) it looked recently constructed. I tried to look outside for any signs that it still hold some time-tested part (old walls, etc.) but all I could connect to its old age was the bell on its tower. It has inscriptions which I would surely want to read and transcribe here at Back Trails!


  1. The Fule is a clan who hails from Alaminos Laguna. You could say that all the "Fule's" are related to each other, in one way or the other. The Francisco Fule clan (is the owner of the particular property you mentioned in your blog) who hails from Alaminos. Francisco is father to the late: Atty. Conrado Fule; Adelaida Fule Florentino; Justice Hector Fule educated in UP and had further education at the University of Madrid is former Justice of the Court of Appeals and Erlinda Fule educated at the College of the Holy Spirit and furthered her education at the prestigious John Hopkins University was formerly UST's College of Music Dean and still is a professor at the university. The Fule's are known to be "old rich" way back when having profuse properties with the type of - as far as your eyes could see, was the norm of being considered rich and powerful. The Fule's are known to have integrity especially to their name, which means that they value and protect their name and are truly proud of their heritage. I am very proud to have friends and ties with that of the Fule's!

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I am at present posting up a number of entries concerning my re-visit to the town, and these things would be very good as an accompaniment to them.

    I wonder if they have already sold their property or if they are still living there, as I have noticed that the ground area of the mansion are occupied by several establishments and a bank. Also, I wonder if it is possible to make a visit to the mansion, that is, if it is open to the public.

  3. Wow i didnt know much of my heritage as a Fule.. but im glad to know where ive come from.. -Michael Fule

  4. Thank you Michael for reading through this entry. :)

  5. Michael, just because you're a FULE doesn't mean you're part of this.

    1. Michael Fule is one of the great-grandsons of Francisco Fule, the owner of the house :).

  6. They also owned the huge private school along maharlikha high-way MARCELINO FULE MERMORIAL COLLEGE formely Marcelino Fule Memorial Academy which i graduated from prep to high school. Few walks on the right side of the school is their new mansion.

  7. Thank you for the information Cris.