Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Food for the Trails: Café Antigua in Lucena City, Quezon

* Café Antigua

Looking for a place to eat while in downtown Lucena? Then this place is for you, dear reader. Nestled amidst the mixture of old and new structures and the general ‘busy-ness’ of the city streets is this gray stone structure, reminiscent of the old time movie houses. A word in curving lines is put up on its wall: Antigua. At first glance it looks like a typical building in a business area of the city. But never judge a book by its cover, right? In this case, never judge a building by its façade. For it took a random internet search to find that much more is in stored within this structure.

And thus the ‘discovery’ of Café Antigua happened.
* view of Café Antigua’s interior

The interior of the café/restaurant evokes an atmosphere of Binondo. And why not? The food being offered in this place has traces of the Chinese – pancit and its varieties, siopao, among others. It is also good to note that Café Antigua is open for visitors even in the morning. You may choose to have your breakfast or lunch there. In our case we opted to have a heavy snack (which could already be considered a lunch). You can order the usual pancit guisado, chami, or lomi. One interesting meal was the one with red misua. Then there are the rice meals partnered with different soups. You also have a choice of different desserts ranging from halo-halo to leche flan
The place is wide enough (you can eat even if you’re a big group of at least 10) and comfortable enough (it’s air-conditioned!) that your stay will definitely be worth it. I just don’t know if giving tip is allowed (our change was given to us even if we were already at the door on the way out). An ideal budget here would be at least 500 pesos to 1,000 pesos.

So next time you’re in Lucena City, either because you are going to its two major malls or just passing by the time in preparation to trips to the nearby towns of Quezon, do visit Café Antigua and replenish yourself with the food they offer.
* a view of Café Antigua’s building back in 2010

[How to go to Café Antigua, Lucena City, Quezon: Coming from Manila in a bus, drop off at ‘Diversion’ in Brgy. Gulang-gulang where jeepneys and tricycles and their drivers are stationed. You may choose to ride on a jeepney as it is cheaper. Just say ‘Bayan’ to the driver. Café Antigua will be on the left of the street as you head towards the Provincial Capitol. An easy marker would the church. Once you pass by the San Fernando Parish Church you can ask the driver to drop you off.]

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