Sunday, April 5, 2015

2015 Black Saturday in San Pablo City, Laguna

I still recall the general atmosphere of Black Saturday during my childhood: the morning abuzz with the preparations for the young male kids for circumcision day while the rest of the Saturday was spent on practically anything except watching TV for there were not much stuff to watch (unlike today where ads and air times still matter). 
A night walk proved therapeutic for us who performed domestic chores the whole day of this Black Saturday. The walk practically means visiting the city cathedral to see any activities. The bells have just ringed to signal the mass of the Easter vigil. However, the main difference with last year’s mass is that today the whole cathedral interior is blazing with lights. I liked more the dark atmosphere of last year’s mass for it plays with the name of the day which is black. No loiterers on the patio, surprisingly enough (except perhaps for us who kept taking shot with a digital camera). 

The Holy Week shall end on a happy note (much like the Palm Sunday which marked the start the week-long activities) with the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the heavily western influence Easter egg hunting activities.

(After all the reflections, many will head back to work.)

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