Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Belen Festival 2012 in Sariaya, Quezon

* Sariaya Belen Festival 2012: Sariaya, Bayang Kaaya-aya,
Pasko’y Maligaya, Pamilya’y Nagkakaisa

* this Mother Belen was sponsored by Computer Systems Technological College, Inc.

Without denying my non-participatory stance with regards to this holiday they call Christmas, I nevertheless came out to roam nearby towns and cities just to see the varied Christmas decoration that Filipinos prepared for this traditional holiday. It is amazing to see how Filipinos have come to improve their decors every year. Bigger is the keyword. And that is especially true for the decors we saw in Sariaya, Quezon.


The Belen Festival is an annual activity (as far as recent years are concerned) in the town of Sariaya in Quezon Province which features different belen or Nativity scene (the moment when the baby Jesus Christ was supposedly visited by the infamous Three Kings from the east). This year’s festival carries the theme/slogan: “Sariaya, Bayang Kaaya-aya, Pasko’y Maligaya, Pamilya’y Nagkakaisa.”

 * posing as part of the Nativity scene

Our visit was motivated by a news item I saw in TV which showed a giant belen in Sariaya. The others feature the same nativity scene but employed the use of Christmas lights, sounds, makeshift fountains, native materials, recyclable materials, among others. I think they can make good use of lights in the coming years. There were some belen which were made elegant because of their lightings.

 * a Christmas tree found in the town plaza

 * up close: lanterns and lanterns and lanterns
 * an angel under the moon

* Christmas lights decking the town hall

* statues in the park; I like the way the lights were placed in the hands

 * some of the old houses we saw as we did the usual walk-through

One can still visit the said belen displays. Although the festival is focused on Christmas, the displays will be retained until January 6, 2013.

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