Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Back Trails at 3: A Belated Celebration

Before crunching all my pending posts in the few remaining days of the year, let me mention first an event which I have unfortunately missed out – the third year anniversary of Back Trails Blog. Three years in a row and the drive to see more of the country is still here in me. The more I realize that I still have a lot places to tour, the more my resolve strengthens to continue the travels.

Looking back now, through BT I have:
- gained more friends
- upset a few
- helped promote a town
- assume the role of a communicator/mediator
among others.

My original vision for this blog still holds, that is, to see it as a platform for lively discussions of literally anything about the Philippines, its history, and its places. I think I just need to allot more time in making this little spot on the internet more dynamic and engaging.

A Change of Face

I am yet to find a semi-permanent template for the actual blog site, not to mention the plan to give it a domain of its own. For now I content myself with a change in the label for the photos which I have sampled in the picture above. But then I will be using that one by 2013. Susulitin ko muna ‘yung isa!

Wishes and Wishes and Wishes

Well, what do I wish for BT? I hope that I will be able to come up now with an effective way to pool resources to fund more trips, meet fellow travel bloggers (laziness has always gotten in the way), and make a thorough revisit and polishing of my old blog posts.

Cheers to Back Trails!

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