Friday, June 1, 2012

Taal, Batangas Tours (Part 6): The Heritage and Ancestral Houses of Taal

In concluding my Taal series, it would be appropriate to ponder more on the importance of preserving these remaining heritage and ancestral houses.

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Much has been said about preservation, protection, and giving importance to what have been handed to us, present generation, as heritage treasures. But we have to go deeper and study more keenly the history that goes with them. The actual building of those houses perhaps. Or the sources of lumber that were used. The inspiration for the details used in the houses. Or the people themselves – architects and carpenters – and how they were trained in their respective crafts during those times.

Even as I think about these prospective lines of study or research, I get so excited. They may be small things only but they can truly enrich our appreciation of these old houses. How I wish I would have the luxury of time and resources to do all those things. But they don’t have to be hindrances for we can do our own self-imposed studies. Traveling is one step forward. And one should be proud to have that drive to go to different places and learn more about our country, its people, and its historical treasures.

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  1. I miss Taal already. I just came home from there yesterday for our barangay fiesta and I wanna go back already.
    This pics make me feel nostalgic, haha.