Friday, June 1, 2012

Bunga Falls in Nagcarlan, Laguna

* behold the Bunga Falls!
* an afternoon scene in Bunga Falls

* all rocks and all rocks

A seeming endless hot days and a limited budget: these were the motivations for our unplanned trip to Bunga Falls in Nagcarlan, Laguna. Tucked in the rural parts of Nagcarlan close to the mountains in Calauan, the falls is a place to behold. One only has to watch out for the small road leading to the place. And oh, parts of the road are still rough so better bring extra wheels or air pump in case of you get flat tires.

* view of some of the bamboo cottages

* curious looking roots near the water

The most salient feature of the falls is that it is a twin falls, made possible by a big protruding rock cutting through the incoming waters. An entrance fee of 5 pesos is required for every visitor (exempting I think the small kids). The area near the falls is generally hot during midday. And this is where most of the swimmers frolic. However, there are rocky parts several meters downstream guaranteed of shade from the trees but it should be noted that that is where most of the waters (and dirt) from the area near the falls go. There are also bamboo cottages being rented for a fee amounting to 200 pesos. Better take the rocky sides if you are in a tight budget.

* floaters for rent and food for sale;
there are also makeshift changing areas for 5 pesos only

Bunga Falls is an example of a natural recreation area. But with this gift comes greater responsibility. If today lay people enjoy this essentially for free, the local government has to act now and make the necessary improvements to the place. This is not to say that they have to commercialize it altogether; I am well aware of its dangers. But seeing that heap of garbage just being burned in the late afternoon, it was bothering indeed. And so some form of regulation and proper administration of the place should be done.

* an ugly scene

But that should not get in the way of enjoying the beauty of Bunga Falls.

* Trailer Pransis in a variety of poses

[How to go to Bunga Falls, Nagcarlan, Laguna: From Manila you have two options: 1) via San Pablo City – board a bus bound for Lucena then drop off in San Pablo; take a jeep bound for Nagcarlan and Liliw and turn left (if you have your private car) after reaching Nagcarlan town hall. Go straight until you reach the corner with the sign pointing to Bunga Falls. 2) via Calauan, Laguna – board a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna then drop off in Bay, Laguna. Board a jeep to Calauan then drop off at the town proper. I am not aware of any public vehicles plying the short cut to Nagcarlan but if you have a private car, then it should be fairly easy. Just follow the road to Nagcarlan and turn left on the corner with the Bunga Falls marker.]


  1. grabe ipinose mo talaga yan...

  2. Madaming beses na ako nakarating ng Nagcarlan ni di ko man lang nabisita ito. I've heard of it, now that I'm saw it here, I regret not going there when I had the time.

  3. Sana next time Kuya makapunta na kayo. Medyo malayo nga lang sa town proper ng Nagcarlan pero sulit din naman pag narating.

  4. How to get at Bunga falls through short trip. From Calamba exit take the road to Los Baños, Laguna, upon reachinf Bay, Laguna turn right going to Calauan and San Pablo City. You will reach Calauan first where you can see the giant Pineappple statute. Turn left going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna upon reaching the Calauan intersection wher you can see the Catholic church and pineapple statute. about 4 kms. you will see another intersection,now going to Nagcarlan. the place is calle Curva (Barangay St. tomas, Calauan, Laguna with tricycle terminal.go straight to Nagcarlan, laguna. From that point in Curva, you are about 8 kms away from Bunga falls. It is located in Barangay Bunga, nagcarlan, Laguna, left side of the road.

  5. Thank you for the additional details.

  6. how much naman ang entrance sa Bunga and pwede ba mag overnight?

  7. Hi Khen. Nung nagpunta kami, 5 pesos lang ang entrance fee. May mga cottages na may fees na 200 pesos pataas. Mukang mahirap mag overnight dito kase pagkakatanda ko wala pa masyadong maayos na lighting ang lugar.