Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bridge Shots in Lipahan, San Juan, Batangas

I have been longing to pass through the short cut road from San Juan, Batangas town proper to Tiaong, Quezon and the worry that we might soon find ourselves in the dark compelled us to pass through it. True enough, the roadsides were mostly covered mostly with vegetation and rice fields and there were no lamp posts to guide us in case dusk finally run us over. But that did not stop me from enjoying the rural scenes, and it was too bad that our digital camera could not fully capture the sceneries right before our eyes.

* view of the river from both sides of the bridge

All tiredness due to bumps in travel were set aside by the breath-taking (and I mean breath-taking!) view of a river from this high bridge. Internet search revealed that it was just past the village of Lipahan in San Juan but I cannot really say if it is already within the bounds of Quezon or not.

* a candid scene! a carabao getting entangled with the greeneries

In any case, it was a moment to behold. Photo shoots are the only thing we can do and just enjoyed the scene. The setting sun only added to the intensity of the scenery despite the darkening colors around.

* Trailer Pransis striking his usual poses

In these brief moments of pleasure, it only gives you this realization that we can enjoy nature even in not-so-far-away places.

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