Monday, January 16, 2012

Sights and Scenes on the Feast Day of Saint Paul the First Hermit in San Pablo City, Laguna

*‘Welcome to the fair!’’; a sleeping fair area
as the sun rises over Mount Banahaw
early morning of January 15

* banderitas over Rizal Avenue

All the festivities and events in San Pablo City, Laguna this week trace their origins in the feast of Saint Paul the First Hermit. And so in the early morning hours of the feast day, I took the liberty of visiting the city proper to see all the busyness.

* San Pableños attending the early morning mass on January 15

* the man behind the festivities – Saint Paul the First Hermit

* candle vendors on the church patio

There was the usual mass and, I think, a freshly organized competition of drum and lyre bands. The streets were abuzz already, with all those vendors – locals and visitors alike – preparing their goods along the sidewalks. Those sidewalk stalls were indeed the heart of the city busyness for without them the city proper would not be that lively.

* lamps being sold along a street in the city proper of San Pablo

* a sea of stalls and people

* rice delicacies being sold just
outside the San Pablo Cathedral

* ferris wheel in action

The evening came with equal intensity as the main stage roared again with sounds and lights. Fireworks were given as a treat later in the night. The concrete streets were replaced with a sea of heads who were either in for some all-night drinking or just simply observing the night celebrations.

As I have not been able to document all the Coco Festival activities, I can only refer you to the Facebook Account of the City Information Office of San Pablo (be sure to log in with your Facebook account though). The account is loaded with photos of the activities in San Pablo City.


  1. San Pablo by night. Nice place. Beautiful People. Rich Culture. Living Tradition. Faith in Action. Salamat San Pablo Salamat.

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