Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Noontime Break at General Paciano Rizal Park, Los Baños, Laguna

A sudden need to process some documents in the municipal hall of Los Baños, Laguna opened up a chance to visit General Paciano Rizal Park in Los Baños-Bayan, Laguna. The park has a commanding view of Laguna de Bay (Laguna Lake), the coastal areas of Calamba and Los Baños, and the mountainous parts of Rizal province on the other side of the lake. The park was named after Jose Rizal’s only brother Paciano through Ordinance no. 2003-182 on March 10, 2003 as an honor to him. On July 2009, a two-hectare extension project was started to include indigenous flora and recreational facilities.

* Los Baños Therapeutic Massage Center and Health Spa
and the playground in Paciano Rizal Park

* a panoramic view of Paciano Rizal Park

The Paciano Rizal Park was designed for people both children and adult alike to have a breather. A play area has been built complete with seesaws and swings for the kids’ enjoyment. Then for the elders, a spa can be found nearby. There is also a basketball court for the big boys. A large part of the park is still open grounds and so it is safe to assume that more amenities will still be added in the area. A main stage being built has unfortunately succumbed to deterioration due to weather and the disappointing vandalism of kids. I actually witnessed two young people – most probably high school students judging from their uniforms they were wearing – scribbled names on the remaining posts of the stage.

* what remains of the Yatco pier

* this looks like a rest area for the fishermen

* a view of Mayondon Hill

The noontime heat time (dampened only by the foreboding nimbus clouds) and the strong winds did not prevent local folks to brave the rocky shores and hope for some fish catch.

* a view of Laguna de Bay from Paciano Rizal Park

* a vandalized post in Paciano Rizal Park;
don’t we love scribbles?

* local folks trying catch fishes on the shore near Paciano Rizal Park

The park is aptly named after the famed Filipino fighter and general not just for the bravery and courage that the name evokes but also for the chance to be reminded, every time one visits the place, that what we see on that part of Laguna de Bay was probably the same view that General Paciano Rizal saw during his last days in his Los Baños home.


  1. looks interesting.... puntahan ko cyan pag napadpad ako sa area na yan... thanks for sharing..

  2. It would be good if you'll visit the park in the afternoon Sir. The sunset scene there is superb.

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    Wow, sobra Ninong... I'm reading every entry at lalo akong naattract na magbasa pa at nabubuksan pa lalo ang aking kaisipan sa ganda ng Pilipinas na hindi ko binigyan ng ikalawang pansin noon!
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  6. Born on March 9, 1851 Paciano Mercado Rizal y Alonzo was the elder and only brother of Jose Rizal. Paciano studied under Justiniano Aquino Cruz and later at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran under the tutelage of Fr. Jose Burgos one of the Filipino priests who was garroted at Bagumbayan in 1872. Paciano took over the family business when his father became too old to manage it. ln 1882 together with his uncle, he sent his younger brother Jose to continue his studies in Europe. Paciano supported his brother's activities including his involvement in the Propaganda Movement.

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