Monday, November 14, 2011

Reminiscing Scouting Days through Photos from a Film Camera

* Pransis in front of an old house near a seaside area
in Bo
ac, Marinduque

* during the Scout Youth Forum in
Marinduque National High Schoo
l, Boac, Marinduque

Scouting made my high school days very memorable. Any recollection of those years would not be complete without me mentioning the joys of hiking through hills and mountains; swimming, bathing, washing clothes, and even drinking from rivers; sleeping under heavy downpour; among others.

* scouts and scout masters from San Pablo City
during a parade in Teresa, Rizal

* Pransis with other participants in the parade in Teresa, Rizal

* Pransis with scouts from the Aurora Boy Scouts Council

I can still recall those formative camping when we were just being groomed as scouts during elementary days. I never thought that I would eventually march on a National Court of Honor, an event where scouts are awarded the highest rank a scout can receive, the Eagle Scout Award.

* scouts from San Pablo before
the National Court of Honor in Teresa, Rizal

* during the National Court of Honor proper

Perhaps scouting made me closer to the beauty of nature, something that I can still feel inside me, that’s why I tend to travel more to places. Our scouting adventures may not have been fully grounded on history but I daresay that they definitely boosted one key trait in me: the passion to explore more.

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