Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Back Trails Blog is Worth the Effort

Just opened my e-mail account for sending and receiving messages about my blogs and I came upon this short message. It looks like a message from an elderly person but whoever the person might be, the person's letter definitely raised my spirits. It shows that it pays to share things about our country’s history, culture, and tradition however naïve it may seem to some. Beyond receiving positive messages such as this one, it feels good to see one of the backbone purposes of this blog getting realized and that is to make Back Trails a platform for open discussions for and about the Philippines’ history and culture.

Novice, yes. This blog still has a long stretch of road to tread. But I am glad of simple pats to the back like this one. Hail to Back Trails!


  1. I'm also a fan of Back Trails. Back Trails is one of my favorite blogs when it comes to history and culture.

    kudos to you Francis.

  2. That's what's good about having friends through blogs. You can count on each other, tulungan kumbaga to make our country known. We may have difference approaches Ivan when to comes to writing blog entries (travel, history, etc.) but the point is we get to share a part of our lives, and our country as well. (Ang haba na ata ng sinabi ko.) Salamat Ivan for appreciating!