Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Travelling and Knowing the Philippine through its Trees: The Pinoy Trees Blog

Many share the passion for travel but it would be interesting to know more about the individual motivations for travelling.

Today I learned of one. Patrick Gozon, who is trained in the field of architecture but who is also a plant enthusiast, travels to places to see different species of trees and flowers. His tours and blogging started out as part of his thesis and evidently it grew into something larger that. Browsing through his blog entries, one will be surprised to realize that we can learn many things from trees, plants, and flowers. The origin of the names of towns and cities for example. His passion for trees and plants definitely helped Patrick guide him towards knowing which tree’s or plant’s name was used to name a place.

Old houses for Pransis. Trees for Patrick. Whatever the motivation, the point is one gets to know more about the Philippines, its culture and tradition, and more importantly, its history. Knowing the Philippines, I realize just now, must be on a daily basis. One does not have to travel everyday to different places. After all readings are good supplement. The important thing is a day does not pass that we do not learn something about the Philippines. And today I learned more than just a historical snippet thanks to Our Philippine Trees Blog.


  1. ayos yang blog na yan.. dahil ako ay isang biologist, sobra kong naapreciate ang ibat ibang species ng flora sa iba't ibang lugar!

  2. Ayos na ayos nga ang approach dito ni Patrick, Ivan. I never realized that much can be learned about our past (that is, our history) through trees and plants. Will I expect na magkakaroon ka rin ng blog posts like that some time soon?