Sunday, October 23, 2011

An Afternoon Walk in Intramuros, Manila

* the semi-controversial monument put up for
former President Cory Aquino, former Senator Ninoy Aquino,
and former Jaime Cardinal Sin found
on th
e outer part of Intramuros near Manila Hotel

* these young plants to be grown as trees have the label
“Tree Planting Sagot sa Global Warming”;
still found on the outside walls of Intramuros

* a portion of a golf course outside Intramuros;
Hotel is partly seen on the left

* one of the entrances to the fortress

A rather early walk-out from a conference I attended a few months ago led me to the historic place of Intramuros. It was not my first time to visit the place but I never realized that a thorough walk and keen attention to details would be the two most important things to do and to have if I really have to see and appreciate the whole of Intramuros until that time. What I am wishing as I writ this today is that I will be able to find the time (perhaps a day or two would do?) to fully make a circuit of this old fortress and marvel at the remaining architectural treasures still found in the place.

* Behold, Intramuros! Letran Intramuros is partly seen on the background

What I shall share here are just some of the photos I took as I braved the afternoon heat in Intramuros. They are, admittedly, random in nature as I only wanted to walk through its streets.

Lourdes Church and Convent

Here once stood the first permanent house of the Franciscan Capuchin Friars in 1891. First chapel built in 1892. Dedicated to Our Lady of the Divine Shepherd (Divina Pastora). Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes carved by Filipino sculptor Manuel Flores in 1892. Church designed by Federico Soler built in 1897. The Lady of Lourdes was enshrined in 1898 as titular head. Church and convent destroyed in 1945. Moved to Quezon City in 1951 where the original statue stands today. (Source: Intramuros Administration marker)

* view of some of the structures in Intramuros

* one of the marvels of Intramuros: the San Agustin church;
San Agustin Museum is founds on the right

* the door of the San Agustin Church with its ornate carvings;
this door never fails to amaze me; it always seem that it is transporting
me back to the Spanish times in the Philippines

* the office of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines
(CBCP) in 470 General Luna Street, Intramuros

* a wall graffiti in Intramuros

The sources of the information snippets were the historical markers found in the sites of the structures.

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