Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Late Afternoon Walk in Calamba, Laguna

* a Jose Rizal monument inside the school near the Rizal Shrine

* a surviving bahay-na-bato not far from Rizal Shrine

* a closer look at a side-door of the bahay-na-bato

* the roof

* most likely an American period house; found as one approach Rizal Shrine

* the house of intrigue – the house across Rizal Shrine; I have always wondered what could possibly lay beneath the place; I have read in a book that the quarters of the guardia civil in Rizal’s time was just across their house; who knows, there may be artifacts still buried under

Sometimes one doesn’t have to go too far to appreciate things in life. This may sound a little optimism but I pertain specifically to artifacts from the past – houses, markers, among others. If we could only look closer around, we might be surprised to know that there are a lot to know and learn in not-so-far-away places.

This has been true in a recent late-afternoon walk through the streets of Calamba, Laguna. The not-so-sultry air and a borrowed camera were our motivations to take a little walk after a day’s walk. This walk brought us to the streets leading to Calamba-Bayan. I have seen some old houses before in the place but I never had the occasion to observe them closer until our walk.

* the patio leading to the St. John the Baptist Church in Calamba

* the interior of the St. John the Baptist Church

* the bell tower as the sun sets

* a failed attempt in using an exposure feature in the camera

* another failed attempt in using the exposure feature of the camera;
amidst all the blur are skaters

* another old house we saw as we head back home

Trips to Calamba-Bayan usually end in Rizal Shrine or in the adjacent church. This time the St. John the Baptist Church was our end point. We witnessed people lining up for kumpisal (confession). The coming of the night did not hinder the devout from exercising their religious beliefs. We then proceeded to the park across and witnessed Calambeños take a breather after a week of activities.

That walk, however strenuous to our legs, was a respite to us as well. For in those brief moments, we came to appreciate even the simplest human activities. It is my belief that if we cannot find rest even in this world of constant unrest, then we cannot hope to find it anywhere, not even in the comfort of religious beliefs. But that’s just me speaking for myself.


  1. I can really feel your great love for history..

  2. Thanks for dropping by Ivan. Sometimes, one just can't get enough of history, hehe. Anyway, I wish I could join you guys sometimes sa mga tours nyo.

  3. Good day!

    Hi! This is Jen from Living Asia Channel. Just want to ask permission Sir if we can use the Calamba Church image for our future project. We will surely use the necessary credits for this. Thank you so much and I am hoping for your positive response.

    if this meets your approval, kindly e-mail me at or call/text me at 09182409136/09151784038. Cheers!

  4. Thank you Ma'am Jen for this beautiful opportunity. Just let me know when you will be needing them so that I can send you high-resolution copy/ies of the photo/s. Thank you and more power to LAC.

  5. Hi! Actually, we wish to have the copies as soon as possible because we're already working on our project. Thank you for your approval anyway. By the way, can send it through our e-mail. Thank you again! :)

  6. Laguna is one of the beautiful places in the Philippines and I want to travel in this place also. Great history and nice post of place very impressive. Keep it up. Thanks.

  7. May i ask, did you know who is the owner of surviving bahay na bato?

    1. Hi Mary. I do not know who the owners are of that bahay-na-bato. But the last time I saw it, the roof was in need of repairs already.