Friday, May 27, 2011

Circuiting Manila 9: Paraiso ng Batang Maynila

* a monument erected for Apolinario Mabini; found in the corner of A. Mabini Street and President Quirino Avenue just behind Manila Zoo

It is apparent now that this Manila series won’t be seeing its last entry yet. There is much more to discover (and share about) in this historic city of Manila. Digging into my files, I saw these few photos we took while walking those unknown Manila streets at that time. We just came from Roxas Boulevard and we decided to embark on an uncharted walk. Our wandering took us to the area of Manila Zoo (see my blog entry about Manila Zoo here) and Paraiso ng Batang Maynila.

Translated as “Paradise of Manila Children” it is actually a park composed of swings, seesaws, and slides for the kids. It is strategically placed; visitors from Manila Zoo can have further treat in this park. It’s just too bad that the searing heat in the late morning would discourage any frolickers to the place. Another eyesore too is the presence of vagabonds making the most of the shades of trees lining the perimeter of the park. I think the city administration should put them to more humane places.

* Dakota Gateball, yeah!

* lucky 9

* the players of the game

* the ball and the goal

What caught my attention is the play area called Dakota Gateball. The game/play resembles golf but instead of holes for the balls metals bent to allow ball entry are used. The name Dakota is certainly foreign and I am wondering whether its origins can be traced back to a foreign country. But given the apparent ingenuity used to come up with the game, it looks to me that this is a Filipino idea.

Can anyone share information but this one?

[How to go to Paraiso ng Batang Maynila: From the Gil Puyat LRT Station, you can board a jeep bound for SM or Quiapo (or alternatively, you can ride the LRT bound for Carriedo). Drop off at Quirino Ave. (or Quirino Ave. LRT Station if you rode the LRT). From there, you have two choices: 1) you can turn left and walk straight to Paraiso or, 2) hail a pedicab to take you there. I don’t have idea however how much they would charge you.]


  1. Hi Pransis, croquet was popularized by the Japanese in Manila during their occupation. Also called gateball. I've seen it before, it looks odd, most of them thinks its American.

  2. Thanks Kuya Arnaldo for the info.
    I was thinking that the game was probably American. Will dig in to this. I did not think the Japs would bring in a game of their own.

  3. Dakota was the old name of the street until 1964 when it was changed to Macario Adriatico. The streets around that vicinity were named after American states during the American occupation.