Monday, May 16, 2011

Conquering Corregidor Island 8: Pacific War Memorial Museum

* the marble tablet containing the words Pacific War Memorial Museum

* an American flag, most likely a relic of the War, displayed inside the museum;
looking closely on its side, an inscription can be se
en: U.S. Q. M. D.

* a ship’s signal-flag, a book entitled Souvenir of the 8th Army Corps Philippine Expedition, and a hand-embroidered tapestry donated to the museum by Douglas Bello of Los Angeles, California, USA; he inherited these materials from his great-uncle who was part of George Dewey’s fleet during the Battle of Manila Bay; not that related to World War II but they are nevertheless important addition to the collection in the place
* a soldier’s helmet

Still found in the Topside area of Corregidor Island, the Pacific War Memorial Museum is a treasure place found just behind Cine Corregidor. Structure-wise, it is part of the Pacific War Memorial along with the dome found further down the Memorial. I think the Eternal Flame of Freedom is a recent addition.

* Weapons of World War II

* War period Coca-Cola bottle; I’ve seen this type of bottle in the film Pearl Harbor;
looking at this photo again, it seems like it is the precursor o
f the Coke Sakto

* pair of combat boots belonging to Brig. Gen. George M. Jones of the 503rd RCTCO
* army trench knife found on Denver Hill (in Corregidor?) in 1992 with the engraving U.S. 1918;
I am not familiar with the object on the left, I wond
er if it is the Bos’n Pipe

* a Japanese flag? more like it

* Japanese scissors found in Corregidor by Lt. Dick Williams,
hoto Unit Q, GHQ Signal Selection

Inside the museum are mostly relics of World War II – guns, soldier equipment, photos, among other. One thing I found nice in this place is the inclusion on the display of the objects related to the history of Corregidor even before World War II such as the Spanish-American War and the Battle of Manila Bay. This encompassing collection definitely makes this a rich collection.

* rice canteen used by the Japanese during the War years 1945-1946

* set of objects made or found in Corregidor Island

* a close-up view of a flat iron

* a 1917 model (type CRM-51027) field telephone of the US Army Signal Corps

* spent shells on display
* I knew they existed!; a badge for the Hells Angels Los Baños,
I’ve read about them in some books

* Trailer Pransis posing with the museum’s guard; don’t I look haggard already?

Before you enter the museum, you will see a small souvenir shop where you can buy t-shirts and other items as pasalubong.

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