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Notes on the Revered Mahal na Señor Santo Cristo de Burgos

* fountain constructed on the grounds of Sariaya Church
Notes found here can be found on a wall inside the Saint Francis of Assisi Church, Sariaya, Quezon. Let the story itself come from the religious and people of Sariaya.

“Para sa kapurihan ng Poong Maykapal at sa karangalan ng kanyang lingkod na si San Francisco ng Assisi Titular ng Simbahang ito at Patron ng Parokya ng Sariaya. Ang gusaling ito ay ikinonsagra bilang simbahan ng sambayanang Katoliko ayon sa Ritu ng Concilio Vaticano II. Ginampanan ng Kagalang-galang na Monsenyor Ruben T. Profugo D.D. Obispo ng Diyosesis ng Lucena sa pakikiisa ng sambayanang Katoliko ng bayan ng Sariaya sa pangunguna ni Rdo. P. Luis R. Allarey Paroko noong 7 Setyembre 1985.”


Diocese of Lucena | Sentro Pastoral ng Diyosesis | Lucena Diocesan Compound | Isabang, Lucena City, Philippines

“In response to the call of the Church to provide the faithful and the pilgrims the means of salvation abundantly by sedulous proclamation of the word of God, by suitable encouragement of liturgical life, especially by the celebration of the Eucharist and penance and by the fostering of approved forms of popular devotion (canon 1234, I), We, the Most Reverend Emilio Z. Marquez D.D.,  Bishop of Lucena, by the grace of God and favor of the Apostolic See, after due pastoral consideration: hereby DECLARE the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Sariaya, Quezon as a DIOCESAN SHRINE of the Mahal na Señor, Santo Cristo de Burgos.

“At the same time, by virtue of canon 1232, I, we hereby approved its statutes which determine principally its purpose, the authority of the rector and the ownership and administration of its property. This new diocesan shrine acquires its rights and privileges as provided for by the law itself.

“In testimony thereof, we order this present letter to be written by the undersigned Chancellor of Diocese of Lucena and we sign it by our own hand and order it be sealed by our official diocesan seal.

“Given this 14th of September 2007 at the Sentro Pastoral ng Diocesis, Isabang, Lucena City.

Emilio Z. Marquez D.D.
Bishop of Lucena”

* Panalangin sa Mahal na Señor Santo Cristo de Burgos:
   Matamis na Jesus nyaring aking buhay na dahil sa akin
 sa krus ka namatay sa buhay na ito at sa Kamatayan
 lingapin mo po ako at kaawaan.

The Story of the Mahal na Señor Santo Cristo de Burgos

“It had been a popular belief that the Spanish Franciscan friars petitioned from King Felipe V of Spain a replica of the revered medieval crucifix originating from the Burgos Cathedral in Spain. Eventually granted as a gift to the early 18th century Christian community at Lumangbayan (Barangay Tumbaga I at present). The sacred image is fondly addressed as "Ang Mahal na Señor" had played a significant role in the spiritual, historical, and socio-cultural heritage of Sariaya.

“Oral tradition had held that the crucifix was miraculously spared from the burning pillage of Muslim pirates in the ruined church of Lumangbayan. The miracle of its survival and the equally miraculous circumstances led to the founding of another church in 1743. It gave rise to a considerable growth of the community of believers. During times of great distress and calamities, our ancestors carried "Mahal na Señor" out of the church in barefoot processions to save the faithful community from the disastrous effects of natural catastrophe. When the "Santo Cristo de Burgos" was permanently placed behind the church Retablo, it continued to be the Great Protector of Sariaya until the difficult Japanese war time. The crucifix had certainly served as the source of hope of the ordinary faithful whose day-to-day lives were touched by the personally experienced miracles attributed to it.

“Up to this day, the constant weekly Friday pilgrimages of the devotees to the "Santo Cristo de Burgos" Sariayahin and other pilgrims, still stand out as living proof of its miracles and the prominence it hold in the lives of many believers.”


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