Thursday, January 8, 2015

Food for the Trails: Cook Your Own Pancit Habhab

My sister recently went on a trip to Lucban/Tayabas area and went home with a pack of Pancit Habhab. For a change I volunteered to cook this Lucban pancit. The pancit pack comes with a recipe guide but I am paraphrasing it here.

Things to prepare:

- garlic (chop ‘em!)
- onion (chop ‘em too!)
- cabbage (cut into pieces)
- sayote (slice into pieces)
- carrots (slice into strips)
- pepper
- cooking oil
- meat strips (I used chicken from our New Year celebration)

Now we cook it!

Heat your cooking oil on a pan.

Saute garlic and onion then add the meat strips, pepper (the amount would depend on your taste), and your soy sauce.

Then add the vegetables stirring them all the while until you deemed them cooked (or half-cooked depending on your preference).

On a separate pan I boiled water and instead of a broth I opted to use oyster sauce. Then you add the pancit habhab cooking it until tender enough.

Then add the other ingredients and mix them thoroughly.

As a final touch, I served the pancit habhab with calamansi and fried ham (again, from New Year celebration).

I thought it easy enough to cook, wondering if the common pancit is also cooked that way. But some palates deemed my delicacy matabang so I added more soy sauce to taste. Comments for improvements are welcome, dear reader!

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