Saturday, December 13, 2014

Back Trails @ 5: Pushing the Trails Further

Who would not miss walking? Or running? Or hopping from one public vehicle to another? And more than travel, who would not miss writing about them? With only louvered windows to stare out and the increasingly unpredictable weather and climate to mark the passage of time, travelling (at least for this year) has been put to the side line.

But in looking back to the past years, they have been a colorful mixture of unplanned travels, food ‘discoveries’, brushes with historical details, among others. And as my chosen XMLs and photo styles for this blog go out of fashion, the passage of time seems to have galvanized this drive to know more about the Philippines with all of its contrasting historical highlights; varied culture and people; and its undoubtedly rich cultural and historical heritage that is slowly melting away as concrete landscapes conquer our surroundings. 

Armed still with an un-baptized desire to grasp many aspects of our Philippine past, I wish:
- to see Back Trails as a platform for fruitful discussions of our history, both locally and generally; and
- to see Back Trails as an online collection of notes gathered from the travels themselves as well as from the people who we might possibly meet along the trails.

These may still be too amorphous wishes even after five years but one has to renew things (much like the mythical phoenix).

So ‘beyond-home-border’ travels I hope for the coming years and a niche in the travelling/blogging/history-enthusiasts orbit.

Cheers to the trails beyond this fifth year of back trailing!

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