Sunday, April 20, 2014

Leisurely Walk in Liliw, Laguna

Summer and afternoon combined together bring in a longing for the outdoors. In the absence of a suitable place to take a swim, a walk – as always – is the next best option. Liliw was chosen for potential slipper or shoes purchases (and indeed it was, although favorable only to ladies).

The main street for selling the famous tsinelas, Gat Tayaw Street, was filled with Sunday customers, most probably taking the free time to make purchases before going back to work. I noticed that the traffic enforcers have blocked the area to hinder vehicles to pass through the place and to give the visitors the freedom to go up and down the street.

The town proper is also is gearing up too for its coming annual festival. Posters of the Tsinelas Festival are already put up at different stores. One downside that I just noticed was the construction of a metal- and concrete-based structure in the area of what used to be a small park, adjacent to the town hall. Again, the people behind this construction may have their own motivations and reasons but the structure will project a different image from the otherwise still-rural setting of the town proper. We see here, yet again, a silent clash between modernization and old time atmosphere.

Walking through the other streets, it’s good to see that some of the ancestral houses are still being preserved, albeit at different levels. Some of them have designs that are worth noting for my dream bahay-na-bato.

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