Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Year That Was 2013: Und(r)as

In a family set up where there are no prominent adherence to traditions – religious in this case – it is quite good to explore things on one’s own. This has been an unspoken activity every time such occasions come. All Saints Day and All Souls Day are definitely part of that.

For last year, a brief visit to the cemetery reminded me of my childhood, when we would go this area for two things: actual grave visit and the ever-present carnival or perya. Gone are the wooden carabaos or paper-mache horses to be replaced by all-plastic toys and ukay-ukay. But the Ferris wheel still towers over the dead and living during these times. 

Perhaps more than remembering the saints and the dead, food figures more to give color to this tradition. For last year, we attempted to make suman again and it turned out delicious, at least based
on our palates.

(It has been two years now since I first planned to post something about this famous suman, specifically on how to make it. But I decided it would be more apt by October/November later this year.)   

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