Friday, January 17, 2014

The Year That Was 2013: The Furies of San Marcelino, Street, Ermita, Manila

The Furies in impending transit. 

This was the situation of the famed Furies on the façade of the old MERALCO Building along San Marcelino Street in Ermita, Manila, just a short walk away from Adamson University. This artwork, made by the Italian sculptor Francesco Monti, was set to be removed because of the planned new established on the place where it is found. It was said that it was a big residence project plus a famous fast food chain.

The problem lies of course in the fact that it is already part of our cultural heritage as Filipinos but it is “…sad that not everybody sees it that way,” said Tats Manahan, president of the Heritage Conservation Society or HCS. True enough.

As a consolation, a replica has been attempted to be made but at some point the process damaged part of this big work of art. There was also an conveyed desire of the Adamson University to adopt the sculpture but I don’t know if it pushed through already or not.

As a worker who sees a part of Manila each working day, it is quite alarming indeed to see high rise condominiums sprouting like mushroom in almost every other block leaving some of the structures of the past unnoticed, unrecognized. Compared to a tower of cement and glass, those old houses from decades ago, although influenced by foreign artistry, are far more endearing to marvel at.

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