Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Makipamuhay XVII: Immersion in Cabuoan, Santa Maria, Laguna (Part 2)

 * view of a mountain from Cabuoan grounds

* morning clean-up!

* a mapping of Cabuoan

The second day of the immersion required us to get water early since water supply is out for most of the day and to do early check on the student-immersionists. The students, on the other hand, were either doing the usual chores in their respective ‘homes’ or participating in the barangay clean-up near the elementary school in Cabuoan.

 * Cabuoan children having fun!

The preset day activity included free time (read fun time) for the village children where they were allowed to play and a mapping of the Cabuoan area with the help of the village elders. These did not consume the morning hours so we were able to roam again Cabuoan and get acquainted with different families. I say here again that the people there are hospitable. Most of the families we passed through offered us food.

 * Faith’s eye

 * student-immersionists prepping up!

The rest of the afternoon was set aside for a longish preparation for the evening event – a big program of sort which involved most of the people in Cabuoan. By tradition, this is the part of the immersion to be organized solely by the student-immersionists. So we acted as the students’ runners. We did the purchasing of the ingredients for their evening snack and made the necessary arrangements for us to have mono-block chairs, sound system, and lights (the lights were obtained last actually; it was already dark when we were able to borrow one).

 * free food, free food, free food

* the evening program and the evening chow

Since the students hosted the program we facilitators stayed in the periphery of the activity area, breathing in the cold night air and eating junk food. What I did enjoy was the sight of the sopas in paper bowls and orange juice lined to be given to the Cabuoan people.

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