Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Year’s View of Sariaya, Quezon

* Sariaya Church’s façade

Late, late, late, late posts. This is my current dilemma and situation. But the good thing is (despite all these unedited photos and chaotic drafts staring back glumly at me) I still carry this drive – call that enthusiasm if you will – to go through all my tours of last year.

Now let me start with the very first tour of last year, and specifically on the first day of the year. Sariaya, Quezon was our destination owing to some activity that we had to do.

With the firecracker scent still fresh on our nostrils (not to mention the full stomachs) we trooped to Sariaya and made a short rest inside the town church. The afternoon heat was so intense we really had to find a place of shade. And it’s a wonder how a church could muffle the noises and sultriness of the outside surroundings.

 * views from the outside
It was the occasion for me to examine closely the church interiors. The last time that we were there was on a late afternoon and the skies were gray with the low, nimbus clouds. Brightly colored, recently furnished, the Sariaya church mirrors to a certain extent the elegance of its town’s history. What remains to be done is to get to the altar and see at a closer range Sariaya’s most revered image.

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