Friday, August 17, 2012

The Interior of Nagcarlan Church

Most of my summer months were spent holing up in our house, digging into books, doing online applications, and running to and fro in Magdalena, Laguna during weekends. On some days, sidet rips were done in the town of Nagcarlan since I had to board a jeep anyway in the town to get to Magdalena.

One such trip enabled me to see finally the interior of the Nagcarlan Church (made famous recently because it has been the place of shooting of a successful teleserye about a hunchback woman). The inside still has the old, Spanish-era feel to it (please bear with my subjectiuve descriptions, dear reader) although much of the fixtures are either replaced or renovated already. The retablo, as in any other places in Laguna, is both elegant and intricately designed.

I’d like to call those in-charge of the maintenance during my particular visit as ‘cool’ as they opted to play as a background music a lively song which would have uplifted the spirit of any potential visitor.

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