Monday, February 20, 2012

Dusk at the Haunted Mansion in Tiaong, Quezon

Situated just a few blocks from Tiaong’s town church, this mansion famous for its history and eerie accounts of the supernatural, gives one a full blast of goose bumps especially if you visit the place as night time nears. We have been fortunate to experience it.

* Trailer Pransis posing at the gates of the
famed haunted mansion in Tiaong, Quezon

* a statue of Elias killing a crocodile;
found in the garden area

* several garden fixtures

The neglected garden fronting the mansion adds to the spookiness of the place, represented by the depiction of Elias’ (of the novel “Noli Me Tangere”) killing of the crocodile which was to attack Crisostomo Ibarra’s party in a lake.

* a view of the fence

* a closer look at the mansion

* the tree behind the mansion which resembles a dog

A closer inspection of the mansion (at least from the fence area) reveals that a thorough renovation of the place is needed. We chanced upon a transient vendor in Tiaong who spends his nights with the current tenant of the place. He said that the owners of the mansion reside in Barangay Lumingon and the place is being readied now for reconstructions. That, of course, is good news as its makeover would attract more visitors to the place, at least to the perimeter if not inside. I also saw a number of houses in town which can be approximately dated back to the American period in the Philippines but they also need the same renovations treatment. Tiaong, I can say now, is also a treasure place, a treasure place of our past.


  1. sana ibenta n lng sa mga nagkakainteres na kagaya nmen,tsk sana hwag mahalan,pr maingatan ang bahay

  2. Sana ipaalaga n lng ang bahay sa mga interesado,kagaya namen,o kya ibenta ng mura sa may gusto

  3. Love how you cover this house, indeed very interesting. This is another beauty in decay.

    1. Thanks, Eszie, for reading this post. It was in decay, yes. But last time I passed by this place last December, the owner/s (presumably) spruced it up already. Hopefully I will be able to cover the house and post photos of it here in my blog.

  4. Hi! Just read your blog as I've been searching for someone to contact about seeing this house. May I know if you have the contact number or details available to reach the owners of the house?

    1. Hi Kat. I'm sorry I don't know any person who we could contact. But the last time I visited the place last year, it was already being refurbished so most likely there are already people living there. I suggest you do a walk-in trip (if you have the time) and hopefully you will be permitted to have a look inside. Thanks.