Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 UPLB Feb Fair Experience

February comes with the scent of roses and chocolate in the air. But besides the much anticipated Valentine’s Day, there is also this particular fete being awaited by Iskos and Iskas and in fact anyone who has been there. I am talking of the famed February Fair (or more commonly called as Feb Fair) celebrated yearly in UP, particularly in Diliman campus and Los Baños campus.

* the ferris wheel sponsored by the UPLB Grange Association

This year, we were able to sneak in the campus to visit the booths and meet org mates and some friends. It was exhilarating to talk again to them as it brought back memories of fun, youthful antics, and romances. To see those young faces of the students enjoying their free times was enough to convince myself that yes, I was once part of UPLB and have been there too, devouring each night of the Fair.

* darkness and light (and the people in between)

Meet-and-greet moments were great but the biggest setback of our visit was the mud that seemed to grow on just about every portion of the ground which does not have grasses on it. Mud and all mud. No thanks to the slight drizzle that night. That is how I can describe it. Add to that the unfortunate situation of not having my camera with me. Thus I contented myself with a few shots from my cellphone.

Nevertheless it was good to be reminded every now and then that a breather is good and that a good way to unburden one’s self with thoughts of current problems is to just enjoy, however brief.

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