Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Ever-Relevant Jose Rizal

A hundred and fifty years ago, a boy was born in a town called a stove and a jar. His life from there until the time he took the fatal bullet(s) from the muskets in his execution is still thriving up to this present time. A life that has become a strong motto stella for the Filipinos. A life whose activities paved the way for the societal changes in the late nineteenth century. A life that proves to be still relevant to those who continue to seek and hope to make changes in our malleable and fragile society.

Rizal has made his life relevant for the country and its future. And I wish that such thought would prevail as we join in today’s celebrations. We may not be able to reach Rizal’s stature as a rallying cry for most of the people, but we can from this moment be able to start and do our own part to serve and be relevant for the country.

Rizal indeed was and is a hero. We might as well follow his footsteps.

Ipinagbubunyi ka ng sambayanang Pilipino Gat Rizal!

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