Monday, March 7, 2011

Revisiting the Town of Candelaria, Quezon

* some of the houses we saw in our Candelaria revisit

I am still wondering why I did not find those huge houses we visited the first night that we came to Candelaria. Well, they might have been demolished or my spatial memory might not have been in its perfect form when we returned to look at the houses of Candelaria.

* entrance arc of the Tayabas Western Academy, founded 1926

* a monument/marker for President Manuel Quezon who planted the narra tree seen in the background

* the façade of the Candelaria town hall

The revisit, despite the searing heat of the noon, gave us a treat. Some of the houses we saw where recently constructed, that is during the last five or six decades. No more of those Spanish time houses, excepting perhaps the big house along the main highway (which I really want to acquire). I can still sense a rural feel intermixed with the buzzing of the town proper.

* a (now rusting) gun on top of a monument, erected during the 30th anniversary of the Bataan Day on April 9, 1973

* another monument, most likely connected to the commemoration of those who died during World War II; the words read: “Sana’y manatili ang kapayapaan sa daigdig” or “May peace prevail on earth”

* a typical monument in remembrance of the Filipino guerillas during World War II

* a Rizal monument fronting the Candelaria town hall

In the end, we still failed to find the Del Valle Tower which, according to the information I obtained, was made during the Spanish times. I’m looking forward in seeing and taking a picture of it. A third revisit will be good.

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