Sunday, December 5, 2010

Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Calamba 1

This entry is not really a result of a travel, but by virtue of its connection to our past, it is worth sharing here.

* Arriba Letran! A Hogwarts-like building in Letran Calamba – the de las Casas Building

* view of the main lobby with its chandeliers

* one of the Colegio’s knights positioned at the de las Casas Building

* view of the back of the de las Casas Building

* view of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Building

The several hectares of land that is now Colegio de San Juan – Calamba (commonly called “Letran Calamba” or simply “Letran”) was part of the of the vast land area once under the Dominican friars. The establishment of Letran in 1979 was in response to the government’s policy of decongesting Metro Manila. Letran is the first higher education institution established by the Dominican Province of the Philippines. The others were established by the Spanish Dominicans. The Colegio gained its autonomy in 1986 from its then mother campus Letran Intramuros.
The first building built for the Colegio is called San Bartolome de las Casas Building. This building was designed by restoration architect Felix Imperial and was patterned after the basilica-church and monastery San Lorenzo de El Escorial found in Madrid, Spain. Indeed, it one of the distinguishing features of Letran, one which will probably stick to the memories of the first-time visitors.
* behold, our office

* the Rector’s office

* the elementary and high school departments building

* building for IT and other computer-related studies; notice the line of below – they are enrollees!

* building housing the canteen and the bookstore

The location of Letran gives one a scenic view of Mount Maquiling. I am still weighing if this view is better than when one is in UPLB. If you come to Letran before the work hours and it if it happens that there are no clouds hovering over the mountain, you would definitely be captivated by the view. Also, the Laguna de Bay can be seen if you climb up the rooftop of the de las Casas Building. These views, for me, are the prizes of having an office at the rooftop.

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